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Denmark is thé global pioneer and exporter of green power by 2030

Interview with keynote speaker Mads-Ole Astrupgaard about the energy transition

In April the International Executive Search Federation hosted its European Meeting. In 2 days, the executive search partners attended workshops and discussions about the search business, and also were inspired by several keynote speakers. One of our inspiring keynote speakers at the IESF Regional Meeting in Copenhagen was Mads-Ole Astrupgaard founding father of Green Power Denmark: “We want to contribute to Denmark’s position as a global pioneer country for accelerated electrification, green technology and a fossil free future.” Goal in Denmark is to reduce CO2 with 70% in 2030 and to be completely carbon neutral in 2050. This is going to happen. The global goal is to be carbon neutral in 2050. In his keynote Mads-Ole Astrupgaard explains the vision behind this transition and what’s the right way going forward.

Mads-Ole Astrupgaard: “Denmark is a frontrunner in green energy. We as a country have been the global showcase especially in the wind business. The first turbines in our country were built back in the 70’s. In Denmark we expect a growing need in electricity. Wind and solar solutions are necessary to make this happen. In Denmark a quite unique situation was created: All the main associations in Denmark working on different energy solutions merged into one new association: Green Power Denmark. Also providing a bigger footprint and influence politically to make the transition to green energy and sustainable energy happen. As a new organization we can drive the development of green growth.”

The merger was decided om March 23rd, 2022, and now Green Power Denmark acts as the voice of the total value chain of Green Energy in Denmark, from the manufacturers to the trading companies that sell the energy to the customers. Mads-Ole Astrupgaard: “We want to contribute to Denmark’s position as a global pioneer country for accelerated electrification, green technology, and a fossil-free future.” Kristian Jensen, the former Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign affairs in Denmark is appointed as the new CEO.

Astrupgaard: “To triple the amount of renewable energy supplies before 2030 we need a completely new infrastructure. We’re rebuilding the high voltage lines to make distribution of electricity possible. And in close cooperation with the government, we now focus on solar plants and on wind parks both onshore and offshore. Our expectation is that we can generate around 250-gigawatt power from the Nord Sea. Today we only generate 2 giga watt at the Nord Sea. My expectation is that in 2040 there will be around 10.000 – 17.000 turbines in the Nord Sea.” Some facts: 47% of the Danish electricity consumption was generated by wind and solar in 2021.Wind power has seen large price reductions the last couple of years. The main keys to this development are bigger wind turbines, market volume, industrialization, scale, intensified competition and technological development. Green Power Denmark focusses on the electrification of energy. Both in direct electricity as well as changing and saving electricity as Hydrogen and e-fuels.

Mads-Ole Astrupgaard: “Green Power Denmark works towards Denmark becoming a net exporter of green power by 2030. All activity and production in Denmark latest in 2050 are based on renewable energy. We’re ensuring a better opportunity to create a future-proof electricity grid with a world-class security of supply. We’re working towards Denmark having ambitions for framework conditions and research that ensures a green leadership position and creates prosperity and jobs. Soon Denmark will have attractive, transparent, and stable investment frameworks to deliver green energy the volumes and pace necessary to achieve the goals of green transition.”


Driven by growing consciousness of global warming, high energy costs and the consumer’ s desire for alternative energy sources – the partners of IESF see an expanding need in this space worldwide. We know the leaders and executives in these industries of tomorrow. For more information please visit: And download our latest industry whitepaper.


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