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The Why in being partner of IESF

IESF was founded in 2002 by partners in Asia and Europe with a clear vision of growing a Global Group, unhindered by corporate restrictions and rigidity and clients’ growing needs. IESF partners are business leaders experienced in addressing the requirements of growing businesses around the world. IESF is constantly expanding its international network. We are looking for executive search consultants who share our mindset and values. But which values are most important for our partners? We asked our partners and generated a top 4 from their point of view. And visualized them in this infographic.

1. Personal networking value
The most important value of IESF, that makes the real difference, is the great friendship between the partners. Which lead to commitment and successfully completed assignments.

2. Shared knowledge and best practices
We learn about business climate and ethics in the various countries. And the nature of the business and how it is conducted.

3. Quality search process with local knowledge
IESF partners treat my customers exactly the way I would treat them.

4. High level standards
Being part of IESF makes us a Global company with partners in most parts of the globe who deliver good quality search and recruitment assignments for global client

Become part of our international network and enjoy the diverse benefits of being one of our exclusive partners. For more information and details visit: 

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