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Successful CEO selection for Allied Vision Technologies GmbH and the German 2D Vision Group of TKH

& Netherlands

IESF Germany’s partner, Topos Personalberatung, collaborates seamlessly with IESF The Netherlands, Van de Groep & Olsthoorn, to orchestrate a successful cross-border CEO selection process for Allied Vision Technologies GmbH and the German 2D Vision Group of TKH. The successful appointment of Robert Franz as CEO of Allied Vision Technologies GmbH underscores the remarkable capabilities of IESF Germany’s partner, Topos Personalberatung, in executing complex cross-border executive searches. The collaborative partnership between Stephan Löw and the client showcases IESF’s commitment to delivering tailored leadership solutions that precisely address the unique needs of industries such as automation technology and machine vision.

The Challenge: Identifying a Visionary CEO

Allied Vision Technologies GmbH, a key player in the automation technology and machine vision sectors, embarked on a pivotal journey to appoint a visionary CEO. The aim was to drive the company’s growth trajectory and strategic initiatives while fostering synergy among its portfolio of TKH German 2D vision companies, including Chromasens, NET, SVS-Vistek, Mikrotron, and Nerian.

The CEO search presented a multifaceted challenge, requiring a candidate with profound experience in strategy, sales, and product management within the automation and machine vision industries. With the TKH Group’s global operations in focus, the selected CEO would also need to embody cultural adaptability and international leadership qualities.

The Solution: IESF Germany’s Singular Expertise

IESF Germany, represented by Topos Personalberatung, took the lead in orchestrating a sophisticated cross-border CEO search. Leveraging it’s industry expertise, the team undertook a comprehensive process to identify and evaluate potential candidates adept at navigating the complexities of the CEO role.

Key Steps in the Search Process:

  1. In-Depth Assessment: Stephan Löw of Topos Personalberatung, leveraging his industry acumen, conducted meticulous assessments of potential candidates. This phase encompassed a comprehensive evaluation of leadership attributes, strategic acumen, and cross-cultural versatility.
  2. Talent Pool: IESF Germany’s expansive network allowed for tapping into a suitable talent pool. This extensive reach facilitated the identification of candidates equipped with the necessary skill set and experience for the role.
  3. Precise Evaluation: Through a focused selection process, Topos Personalberatung executed a rigorous evaluation. Candidate profiles were scrutinized to ensure a seamless alignment with the client’s vision and specific requirements.

The Result: Robert Franz, a Visionary Leader

The efforts of IESF Germany culminated in the selection of Robert Franz as the CEO of Allied Vision Technologies GmbH. With an impressive track record in automation technology and machine vision, including leadership roles at Honeywell, Rittal, and Datalogic, Robert Franz emerged as the ideal candidate to steer Allied Vision’s growth and strategic endeavors. “I am honored by this nomination and the trust put in me by the TKH Group”, said Franz. “I look forward to working with a great team to develop both Allied Vision and TKH Vision’s products and strategy, and to continue to grow the business together”.

Client Testimonial:

“The expertise demonstrated by IESF Germany’s Stephan Löw in our CEO search was exceptional. His industry insights, combined with his extensive network, led to the identification of Robert Franz. His outstanding credentials and alignment with our objectives solidified him as the perfect choice for the role. We eagerly anticipate the growth journey under his leadership.” – Alexander van der Lof, Chairman and CEO of TKH Group.

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