Alessandra Conte


Alessandra has accumulated comprehensive experience in the Executive Search industry, starting her career in 2005 within the Milan office of Boyden, as a Researcher. She progressed in her career as Senior Researcher and Consultant, operating mainly in the Industrial and Construction sectors.

She worked for Stanton Chase where she led complex Executive Search projects as a Senior Consultant. She later joined Executive Hunters, where she contributed as a Partner with her in-depth expertise on national and international projects across various sectors, with the main focus on Infrastructure and Construction, Oil&Gas, Chemicals and Manufacturing.

In January 2019 Alessandra embraced a new, ambitious project as founder and Managing Partner of Alexander & Duke.
Throughout her career, Alessandra has conducted numerous assignments seeking for talented professionals having different levels of seniority from Middle Management positions to Top Executives and Board Director roles in Italy and abroad.

Graduated in Law, before starting her career in headhunting, she spent four years in a Criminal Law firm in her city, Turin.

She’s fluent in English and competent in French.

Alexander & Duke

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”.

Alexander & Duke is a newly born Headhunting firm headquartered in Milan.
It represents a young and innovative player in the Italian Executive Search scene. The dynamism of a fresh start, backed by the long experience of its creators, make Alexander & Duke a reliable and knowledgeable partner for national and international Clients across every business sector.

Alexander and Duke offers a wide range of services that allow it to meet any executive search need in an accurate and timely manner. Our services include Executive Search, Market Analysis (on specific sectors, roles and/or geographical areas), Competitor profiling, Change Management, Assessment & Coaching, Customized projects.

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