Adelina Rosca


Adelina has a BA in Sociology and Psychology and a Master in Strategic Management of Human Resources. She is fluent in English and Romanian and passionate about headhunting and counselling.

The first step in her career was working as a Human Resource Inspector in a small company, followed by a period of a few years as a School Psychologist.

Obtaining a full time recruiting job in an international executive search company in 2006, Adelina specialized in headhunting for several years. In 2010, Adelina began fulfilling mission-critical roles in an international environment, combining HR knowledge with management expertise, running the business in Romania as a Country Manager, with specialization in Middle and Senior Management positions. Adelina joined Rosman in 2014 as a Managing Partner and Head of Business Development.

Rosman Talent Solutions

Rosman has a fresh perspective on recruitment, executive search counselling, HR administration and payroll. We source Top A candidates to companies worldwide, providing clients with a valuable and unique recruitment service.

We stand out from the pack because:

We are a new company with an innovative approach to the recruitment industry.
We have over one decade’s local/international executive search and headhunting experience, within a wide range of industries.
We stay in close touch with our clients and candidates throughout the entire recruitment process and until hiring is finalized.
We are fast, savvy, abreast of the latest market trends and able to recommend the best approaches for attracting talented employees to our clients.
We can offer a complete range of services, easily adapted to any company’s needs and specifications.
We offer a full range of services, easily tailored any company’s needs and situation. Each client has a dedicated consultant.
We’re not just recruiters—we are strategic consultants to our business partners and career advisors to our candidates.

With critical experience in Automotive, IT&C, Engineering, Logistics, Agribusiness, BPO, Telecom and other industries, Rosman Talent Solutions proves that it has what it takes to partner with any major business operating in the thriving Romanian market.

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